Assimilate IP Course Testimonials

What our delegates have had to say about our courses


Emily Thompson
LifeArc Analyst Intern
November 2021

'I started this course very new to intellectual properly law. Thanks to Ian, I came away from the training with a much broader understanding of IP which has benefitted my work greatly since then. I feel so much more confident assessing our FTO thanks to the detailed and clear content of the course. I would recommend this to all who wish to enhance or refresh their IP knowledge'

Commenting on LifeArc In-House IP Training Course

Dr Harriet Mok
LifeArc Analyst
November 2021

'The IP training course from Assimilate IP was an extremely useful and valuable part of my training as an analyst in the medical research field. Each session included a good level of detail, to build and broaden my understanding of IP, and areas of particular interest such as FTO, licensing, and agreements. The training was presented in a clear and understandable way, with questions encouraged, and the worked examples and scenarios were useful for really getting your head around a particular concept'

Commenting on LifeArc In-House IP Training Course

Dr Paolo Spingardi
LifeArc Technology Transfer Fellow
November 2021

The course was incredibly helpful, covering a very broad range of topics in IP.  I appreciated Ian making time for our many questions as well.

Commenting on LifeArc In-House IP Training Course

Thomas Griffiths
LifeArc Technology Transfer Fellow
November 2021

'The course was extremely useful and developed both my theoretical knowledge as well as the practical skills that I can apply to my day to day work. Ian found a great balance between providing a structured session while also allowing the freedom for us to ask many questions. He is very approachable and knowledgeable and I know my colleagues would agree that the training was great'

Commenting on LifeArc In-House IP Training

Dr Anand Patel
LifeArc Technology Transfer Fellow
November 2021

'I had some prior experience in IP before attending the IP training course. I was pushed in the deep end without any formal training. Therefore, a training course was essential to rebuild my foundations.                    

The training course certainly ticked that box! The course used real-life examples which provided a great framework to consolidate concepts that were confusing to me before. It also cleared up questions I had and has overall improved my IP knowledge and searching power'

Commenting on LifeArc In-House IP Training Course

Dr Julia Appelhans
Business Development Manager, Ximbio
October 2021

"This course gives a great overview of intellectual property with just the right amount of depth. Ian’s knowledge of the material is excellent and the slides are very useful as reference material after the course ends"

Commenting on Ximbio In-House IP Training Course

Dr Francesca Keefe
Senior Product Specialist, Tocris
October 2021

"I attended the IP training course from Assimilate IP with very little knowledge of intellectual property rights, and came away with a solid foundation that has given me a kick start in my new role. Ian shared a great deal of content in a well-paced, and interactive format. Thoroughly recommend."

Commenting on Freedom to Operate for Life Sciences and Pharma

Yashita Jha

Legal Counsel, Corporate, UCL Business Ltd.

July 2021

'This is a well-rounded course on the basics of intellectual property and a good starting point for commercial lawyers starting with IP contracting.

Commenting on 'Intellectual Property for Commercial Lawyers'

Lawson Crawford

Director of Legal Affairs

UCL Business 

April 2020

'One of the best IP seminars I've attended'
Commenting on 'Intellectual Property for Commercial Lawyers'

Sara Capiello
EMEA Commercial Contracts Specialist
April 2020

'I really enjoyed attending this training on IP and I would definitely recommend it to anyone with an interest in this subject. I found it very well structured and it provided useful information on several key points. This was a great opportunity for me to expand knowledge on this topic and to gain more confidence in identifying potential risks associated with IP clauses when reviewing commercial contracts.

It also stimulated my curiosity to further deepen some of the main aspects.'

Commenting on 'Intellectual Property for Commercial Lawyers' 

Ola Akande
Legal Intern
GE Healthcare
April 2020

The Intellectually Property for Commercial Lawyers was very interesting and engaging.  The interactivity really helped to break down the IP points in a way that made it easy to understand. I am sure that this will be very helpful in my future work. Thank you for the experience and all the knowledge provided.

Henna Iftikhar
GE Healthcare Legal and Compliance Intern
November 2019

The Freedom to Operate course provides an excellent insight to IP, the course was interactive and reduced to a form which can be easily understood whilst also maintaining the complexities associated with IP. Ian’s ability to engage with both the content and attendees of the course allowed for a smooth session and the detailed notes were also extremely useful!

Jo Sobek Brown



November 2019

"I came to the course with some basic knowledge about patents but I had been struggling to take this further to conduct FTOs. This course was definitely worth the time and money - I am more confident at assessing a patent and it’s potential impact but most importantly, I know the options available and what to do next."

Don Levett
Chief Business Officer
Biotech Company
January 2019

"Every university should have a course like this!"

Charles Groome
Biotech Company
January 2019

"We found Dr. Bryan's training to be of an excellent quality.  It has maximised how we've spent time and money on our interactions with IP attorneys."

Sana Hussain,
Legal Counsel, GE Healthcare
October 2018

"This course is brilliant for those who are new to IP and also those who are more experienced in this sector.

Ian's delivery, presentation and materials really make you understand complex issues surrounding IP in an interesting and detailed way which allows you to gain a wealth of knowledge

I would highly recommend this to colleagues and friends who would like to learn more in this area, one of the best courses I have attended this year."

Nicole Eustace
Legal Intern 
GE Healthcare
February 2019

"The Freedom to Operate course provides a fantastic and engaging overview of the variety of issues faced when implementing IP rights in the life sciences industry. Ian's effective communication facilitated many informative discussions focusing on real life examples - a very worthwhile course for anyone experienced in the sector or not."

Sophia Hussain
Former Legal Intern, GE Healthcare
June 2018

"The Freedom to Operate for the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industries course enabled me to really understand the area. The structure of the course allowed me to gain background and general information along with a more detailed perspective. Ian’s presentations throughout the day were informative, interactive and engaging and this helped me to get the most out of the course." 

Savannah Would
Former Legal Intern, GE Healthcare
June 2018

"An excellent course giving a detailed overview of the various types of intellectual property rights, as well as freedom to operate issues particularly faced by players in the life sciences industry. The use of worked examples was helpful, and Ian was on hand to answer any questions I had."

Federica Malvezzi
Former GE Healthcare Legal and Compliance Intern
June 2017

"The course gave me the chance to have a detailed understanding of Intellectual Property focal points and key concepts. Ian is a great professional with an engaging approach, always helpful and ready to clarify any doubt."

Will Bushill-Matthews,
Senior Counsel, Life Sciences, GE Healthcare
May 2017

"Course was well-structured and clear.  Its focus on “real-world” examples really helped demystify some of the complexities around this area of law."

Dr Alan Stuttle
Business Development Manager, Institute of Cancer Research
March 2017

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course which was really well thought out."

Dr Chris Birchall,
Scientific Portfolio Associate,
Ximbio, Cancer Research UK
October 2016

"A very informative and well structured training course. Highly recommended."

Dr Isobel Atkin
Senior Business Development Manager, Ximbio
October 2016

"The Freedom to Operate course was excellent, I’d recommend it for anyone working in technology transfer. As well as covering the fundamentals succinctly we also had the opportunity to discuss current cases such as the CRISPR IP landscape."

Dr Hazel Housden
Head of Intellectual Property, Green Biologics Ltd.
June 2016

"I highly recommend the Assimilate IP courses as an enjoyable way to learn a lot of useful information and practical advice about intellectual property management and freedom to operate in a short amount of time and for very reasonable cost

The course provided lots of useful advice on best practice for carrying out FTO studies from an impartial point of view (i.e. not promoting a specific patent-searching platform).  Detailed notes were given which I have referred to many times since."

Maddie Drabble
Global Marketing Assistant at Lawyers on Demand
March 2016

"I attended the 'Freedom to Operate for the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industries' course whilst working in the Legal and Compliance team at GE Healthcare. It was an interactive course with a variety of different elements, including lectures and group discussions. The course greatly improved my IP knowledge, which I was subsequently able to apply to my day-to-day role at GE Healthcare."

Dr Hazel Housden
Head of Intellectual Property, Green Biologics Ltd.
February 2016

"Ian is very approachable and a great source of information about IP management.  In addition to effectively communicating the core material Ian facilitated discussions around topics of particular interest to the group.  The course was also a useful opportunity to meet and share experiences with others working in IP management."

Dominika Andrews
Former GE Healthcare Legal and Compliance Intern
February 2015

"The course was very interesting and well structured. I was really impressed with the outstanding knowledge and expertise demonstrated by each speaker. At the end of the course I was provided with session materials to take home, which proved to be an extremely useful future reference guide. I'd highly recommend Assimilate IP to anyone who's looking to gain a better understanding of Intellectual Property law and practice."