Protecting Confidential Information, Trade Secrets and Know How

6 July 2022
12 to 1.30pm

Cost of Webinar £49


About our Course

A company's trade secrets and know how are often its most valuable assets yet many companies fail to recognise this and take steps to protect and exploit them.

Defining and executing an IP strategy which includes safeguarding its trade secrets and know how is key to any technology based organisation.  Learn how to identify, protect and extract value from these IP assets.

Who Should Attend?

This course is intended for senior managers in innovative industries responsible for developing new products or services.  As such, the course will be of interest to Business managers, R&D scientists, engineers and programmers, commercial lawyers and licensing professionals.


Topics and group exercises include

Outline of Course

  • Defining Confidential Information, Trade Secrets and Know How

  • Identifying Trade Secrets

  • Legal Framework

  • Protecting Trade Secrets and Know How

  • Choosing between Trade Secrets protection and Patent Protection

  • Securing Protection for your IP rights

  • How the Courts Deal with Trade Secret Theft

  • Sharing Confidential Information

  • Licensing Trade Secrets and Know How

  • Case Study and Exercise