Freedom to Operate for Life Sciences & Pharma

20 October 2021

1pm to 4.30pm


Cost of Webinar £199


About our Course

Ensuring that you have freedom to operate (FTO) or freedom to practise (FTP) is an essential step in bringing your new products or services to market.  Learn how to identify and deal with third party chemical, biological and device patents in the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industries.

Who Should Attend?

R&D scientists & engineers, business development managers, technology transfer and licensing professionals, IP analysts, trainee patent attorneys & commercial lawyers working in the Life Sciences and the Pharmaceutical sectors.


Topics and group exercises include

Outline of Course

  • Life Sciences & Pharma IP Rights

  • Patent Term Extension (SPCs)

  • US Patent Law

  • Ownership of IP Rights

  • How to read a Patent

  • Interpreting Claims

  • Freedom to Operate Searches

  • Patent Term and Status

  • Validity Searches

  • Infringement of IP Rights

  • Enforcement of IP Rights

  • Doctrine of Equivalents

  • Dealing with Third Party Patents

  • Design Arounds

  • Challenging Patents in EU & US

  • CRISPR Case Study

  • FTO Exercises


Download Course Agenda & Information​

Download the Freedom to Operate for the Life Sciences and Pharma program to find out more about the course and what you can expect on the day