Freedom to Operate: Mitigating the Risk of Patent Infringement

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1pm to 4.30pm


Cost of Webinar £199

 Scales of Justice

About our Course

Ensuring that you have freedom to operate is an essential step in bringing your new products or services to market.  Learn how to identify and deal with third party patents in order to mitigate the risk of patent infringement. 

Who Should Attend?

R&D scientists & engineers, business development managers, technology transfer and licensing professionals, IP analysts and trainee patent attorneys bringing new products and services to market.


Outline of Course

  • Patents and the Patenting Process

  • UK, National and international routes to securing patent protection

  • Patent families, Divisionals, Continuations, Continuations-in-Part

  • Patent Term

  • Ownership of Patents

  • How to Read a Patent and Interpret Claims

  • Infringement of Patents

  • Challenging Patents in Europe and the US

  • Patent Searching - How to formulate and conduct FTO searches

  • What is Freedom to Operate?

  • Dealing with Third Party Patents and Applications

  • US considerations

  • Group Exercises