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Intellectual Property Training and Consultancy

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Whether you are seeking to improve your understanding of intellectual property rights, protect your company's innovation and reputation, or learn how to ensure freedom to operate for your new products, processes or services, Assimilate IP can help you! 

Intellectual property law is a complex area, covering a myriad of different rights such as patents, utility models, copyright, trade marks, designs, trade secrets, confidential information, know how, data base rights and plant breeder’s rights. 
Our Open and In-House intellectual property training courses will help you understand these rights and give you the confidence and the practical skills to apply this knowledge in a professional capacity.  
We also act as independent Consultants providing drafting and searching services, IP audits and advice on patent strategy, freedom to operate and licensing. 

To register for our Open Courses please use the Registration Form on the 'Contact and Register' page.

If you have other IP training needs, have queries about In-House courses, or are interested in our Consultancy Services, then please get in touch using the 'Enquiries Form' at the foot of this page.

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Our Background

At Assimilate IP we are committed to delivering high quality intellectual property training for business and industry, particularly Start Ups and SMEs that do not have In-House IP or Legal departments.


As experienced and qualified IP professionals we recognise the importance of IP rights (IPRs) in today's market and the value they can add to your business.  


Our Open and In-House training courses are designed to improve your understanding and to give you the practical skills you need to work confidently with IPRs to meet your business objectives.

Our Courses 

We provide intellectual property (IP) training to small groups in an informal and relaxed setting. Discussion is encouraged to help understanding of IP rights and their application to meet business needs. 

Most of our Open courses are given online but bespoke In-House courses can be given in person or virtually. 


Delegates will learn how to identify which IP rights are most relevant for their business and how to secure and apply these rights in a cost-effective and efficient manner to gain competitive advantage.

Our courses are intended for:


  • Business Development Managers

  • Technology Transfer Professionals

  • Licensing Executives

  • Chief Technology /Scientific Officers

  • Scientists, Engineers and Programmers

  • Research and Development Managers

  • Project and Product Managers

  • Commercial Lawyers

  • Patent Portfolio Managers 

  • Trainee Patent Attorneys

Pleasae take a look at our courses below and get in touch if you would like any further details or to register.

Upcoming Courses

Justice Scale

Intellectual Property for Commercial Lawyers

17, 18  & 19 July 2024
10am -1pm Days 1, 2 & 3


£250 for Day 1, 2 or 3

£450 for Days 1 & 2, Day 1 & 3 or Day 1 & 3

£650 for Days 1, 2 & 3

About the Course Leader


Ian Bryan

Ian Bryan is a European and UK patent attorney, has a PhD in biochemistry, and works as an independent patent consultant. He spent many years as an R&D scientist/team leader within the Life Sciences area, being a named inventor on several patent applications, before moving into the patent profession. 


Ian has 20 years' experience as an IP professional, initially working in private practice before moving to an in house role within a global healthcare company where he provided strategic IP support for its Genomics & Cellular Research and Cell & Gene Therapy businesses. 


During this time, Ian's focus was largely on third party matters, such as IP strategy, licensing, freedom to operate, litigation and M&A activities, as well as opposition and appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office.


For many years, Ian was also a member of the Life Sciences Committee of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys.

I can highly recommend the Assimilate IP courses, which have introduced Freedom To Operate, Licensing and other IP topics in an approachable and friendly style. The content includes many practical examples and useful tips, as well as real-life scenarios. Ian was very encouraging (and patient!) with our questions, and overall the courses have really helped us to expand our knowledge on IP.

Dr Dara O'Brien
Senior Business Associate
February 2023

Help Centre

Some of our most frequently asked questions:

Do I need previous training or experience of intellectual property to take any of the courses?

Our courses are designed for non-IP specialists, those who have little or no training or background in intellectual property.  As such, the courses have a basic, introductory session to bring everyone to the required level of understanding required for that course.

Do the courses cover all forms of intellectual property and associated rights (e.g. trade marks, designs, copyright, utility models, trade secrets, know how, patents)?

While other forms of IP are covered, particularly in the introductory modules for each course, the majority of each course tends to focus on patents and patent law.

Do the courses only cover UK law?

As the courses are given by UK and European Patent Attorneys, the focus is on patent law and practice in the UK and Europe.  However, because the US is such an important market, some sessions do cover US patent law from a European perspective.

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