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IIPLA Virtual IP Summit

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Last week, I really enjoyed attending International IP Law Association’s Virtual IP Summit, particularly the sessions on IP strategy, licensing and trade secrets.

Of all the interesting sessions, one comment that struck me was from a senior in-house IP counsel who emphasised the need to establish an ‘IP Culture’, advocating for greater accountability and education throughout organisations. From scientists at the bench all the way up to CEOs, we all need to recognise the value of innovation, filing our own IP and respecting other parties’ rights. By way of example and to convince the sceptics, he suggested that any IP strategy which avoided litigation every 5 or 6 years would in turn pay for itself.

Food for thought for any of us developing IP strategies for our clients or businesses, be they start-ups, SMEs or global organisations; that education on IP should be at the foundation of any strategy. While it’s too late to catch this year’s summit, IIPLA will be publishing slides and are offering a free webinar on Patent Valuation tomorrow.

If you’re interested in exploring IP education within your organisation, at Assimilate IP we have a range of courses coming up that can help meet your needs. Or if you would like to learn more about something you've read here, contact us now.


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