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Note to Self: Setting your 2023 IP Objectives

It’s the start of the year and there's so much to plan, do and deliver. Your IP portfolio is your most important asset but are you giving it the attention it deserves for the year ahead? It’s so easy to deal with just the urgent matters, the office actions and new filings, and miss the bigger picture.

To help you plan ahead, here are one or two things for your ‘IP To Do’ list:

1. Review your IP Strategy – is it still aligned with your Business Strategy?

2. Check your Filing Strategy is still fit for purpose

3. Prepare for the ‘Sunrise Period’ on 1st March and the start of the Unified Patent Court on 1st June – do you want your European patents to be in or opted out?

4. Update your Freedom to Operate searches for new product/service launches

5. Review your IP portfolio for any cost savings or out-licensing opportunities

6. Ensure someone is accountable and has the resources to deliver your IP Strategy

7. Last, but not least, train/refresh your own IP skills and those of key members of staff

There may well be other IP issues that you will have to face in the coming twelve months but having this list and a plan for the year ahead will be a great way to start 2023.

You may want to seek advice from your patent counsel but let us know if we can be of help, either with our IP training courses or independent consultants. Get in touch with us through the Assimilate IP website.

Best wishes for 2023!


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